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Welcome to Revontuli-Opisto!

Revontuli-Opisto (Northern Lights Adult Education Centre) is the shared adult education centre of three Lapland municipalities: Enontekiö, Kittilä and Sodankylä. Everyone is welcome regardless of age or educational background. Revontuli-Opisto provides education for adults, and also for children and young people.

Revontuli-Opisto offers a very wide range of studies. This includes, for instance, the following subjects: music, theatre, visual arts, dance, circus, arts and crafts, sports, literature, computer skills, languages, health care, and various special courses and lectures. Revontuli-Opisto also offers high-quality Finnish language courses for immigrants.

The teaching language at the courses is normally Finnish, but many teachers can help you in English or another language.

Art Education for Children and Young People

An important part of the work of Revontuli-Opisto is basic art education aimed at children and young people, covering the fields of music, dance, circus, and visual arts. Basic art education is goal-oriented and progresses by levels, giving participants a wide range of skills with which to express themselves.

Enrolment and Course Fee

You can register for courses either online or by phone tel. 0400 592 881. For online registration  Finnish social security number is required. Further information about courses (in Finnish) and online registration here.

For a course to start a minimum number of sign-ups is always needed, so please remember to sign up as early as possible.

If you have to cancel your registration, it is free until the last registration day which is usually seven days before the course will begin. After that you are obligated to pay the course fee.

Contact information

Principal Pasi Tanninen
Tel. 040 564 1435

Assistant principal
Anu Uimaniemi
Tel. 0400 592 881


Opening hours: 9.00–15.00

Kunnan virastotalo

Ounastie 165
99400 Enontekiö
Tel. 0400 120 505

Vanha kunnanvirasto
Valtatie 28

99100 Kittilä
Tel. 0400 356 433

Jäähallintie 6
99600 Sodankylä
Tel. 0400 710 481